Superintendent Application

Notice for Superintendent Applications


Build upon Pineville’s tradition

Pineville Independent School (PS – 12 – 500)

The Pineville Independent Board of Education is seeking a dedicated education leader who can maintain and build upon Pineville’s tradition, stability and academic excellence.  The successful candidate should have administrative experience, with a proven record of raising academic achievement, as well as strong financial management skills.  The ideal candidate will be able to continue the success of the district’s current innovative programming, and be dedicated to preservation of the unique values inherent in an independent school district.  Pineville Independent School is an integral part of a close, family-like community, and enjoys enthusiastic support from the citizens.  We will want our new superintendent to become a part of our community.


Candidates must hold or be eligible for a Superintendent’s certification.  Salary will be competitive and commensurate with the qualities and experience brought to the position.  The contract start date is July 1, 2017.


Pineville is located in southeastern Kentucky in Bell County, bordering Virginia and Tennessee, and is home to the Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival.


To apply and receive further information, send seven collated copies of a letter of application, application form, resume, two letters of recommendation and three personal references to:

Pineville Independent Superintendent Search

Pineville Independent School

401 Virginia Avenue

Pineville, KY  40977