Superintendent’s Message

Pineville Independent School has had a long History of providing a quality education for students.  This school year, all faculty, staff and administrators will strive to continue that tradition.  We consider it an honor and pleasure to have your children under our care and control.  We need your help in achieving what is best for our students and ensuring the best educational opportunity for each child in our care.

It is a distinct pleasure for me to once again have the opportunity to work in the Pineville City School.  Much has changed in 20+ years, but many things have remained constant.  One of these is the community support.  Pineville School is and always will be a true “Community School”.  It would be impossible to stay in business without this support.

Another constant is a truly caring faculty and staff.  Each of these individuals strives daily to provide the best possible opportunity for our students in his own way and vocational position.  Each employee is charged with helping to enhance our student’s opportunity to achieve the career of his/her choice and ensure we graduate a productive citizen.

In conclusion, Pineville students are generally well behaved, kind and courteous.  I constantly see our students showing numerous signs of manners to adults as well as their fellow students.  This shows me we are all working for the same outcomes.  Schools cannot do these things on their own.

Pineville Independent School is not perfect, but we are trying to be.  Our students are our number one priority.  However, we cannot do it alone.  It does “take a village to raise a child” and it takes a community to have a good school.

Please be involved.  Support our local school system.  Take a role in the education of our children.  Together we can make this the best school year possible and continue the Pineville Tradition and Pineville Pride.

Please visit our school website often to stay in touch with our school.  If you need to contact me, please do so by telephone at 606-337-5701 or email

On behalf of the Board of Education and our staff, I welcome you to the 2015-16 School Year and sincerely thank you for your continued support of our most precious resource, our youth.